Diamond S Ranch Grass Fed and Finished Beef, butchered and dry aged at Paintrock Processing is available to order now for Summer/Fall 2024 delivery. $200 deposits are due May 1st, 2024, another $200 due June 1st and another $200 July 1st and remaining balance when you pick it up. Processing fees not included ($450 are typical for a half). Typical pricing for a half of beef is around $1500-$1700 depending on the live weight. 

Diamond S Ranch has raised Grass Fed and Finished Beef for many years, for us, our ranch employees, our family and friends.  This year Tommy Searfoss convinced us to hold a few extra.  We think you will like them too.  We brought some of the primal cut steaks home from the hamburger cow. I marinated the New York Steak for a few hours, (recipe available to anyone that asks) then quickly seared in cast iron skillet on both sides and popped in the oven, while the Sirloin, and Boneless Ribeye were on the grill.  All three cuts were excellent.  We credit Tommy for his state of the art aging coolers and expert way he takes care of the meat, Tommy says there is no other grass fat cattle that compares. Try a piece or try a ½.  We only butcher a select few each year.   All we know is we have always loved grass fed/finished cattle.  We butcher in July, August, September.  For delivery when finished at the processor. Cut the way you like.  This is a completely separate entity and you will be billed separately for the processing.   

  • Half and Whole Beef rail weight - which is butchered and dressed.  Usually weighing about 50-60% of live weight, and will be sold at market price.  2024 $4.50 per pound.

  • ¼ Beef will be sold if two people order at the same time and have the exact same cutting instructions.  If different cutting instructions for each 1/2 each person will have an additional $25 added to their processing bill from the processor. 

  • If you would like to try certain cuts, watch for our Special Boxes from time to time on our Website Store. Ground Beef available all year as long as supply lasts.

    All our beef are grass fed and finished. 

    No hormones, no antibiotics and no grain.