When do I place my order?

For Monthly Customers

We ask that you put your order in by the 3rd Sunday of every month.  For example: order by the 21st of of March for your April dairy, and the 21st of April for your May dairy delivery.   This ensures we can organize the proper products to be made and bottled for you that month.‚Äč

Please pay on or by the first pick-up/delivery of the month.  Remember this ensures your order will be ready each week.

For Weekly Customers

We ask that you put your order in by 6 AM on Sunday of each week. This ensures we can organize the proper products to be made and bottled for you that week. Consider signing up for monthly orders to guarantee availability. 

We ask for payment in full before or upon receipt of your product.

For Sporadic & Special-Order Customers

We value your business and want to make sure you get your healthy and delicious dairy, too!

We ask you order 2 weeks ahead.  While we can typically fill an order on short notice, giving us the 2 weeks courtesy allows for us to make sure we have what you need, when you need it. 

Short Notice Orders

Does this mean that you can’t order things on short notice?  No, but we can’t guarantee we will have what you want/need for short notice orders.

If we are unable to fulfil a short notice order, it will be available the following week.

How do I pay for my order?

Cash and Check are preferred routes of payment, however Venmo is a secondary payment option with no fees. To access this option type in Venmo@Kris-Robertson-6.

To pay with Venmo, download the app on your phone.  Select the Venmo payment option during checkout on this site. Then, search for @Kris-Robertson-6 on the Venmo app to send the payment for your order.

When paying with Venmo, please note what you are paying for or send me a text at 272-5334.  Venmo just gives you the opportunity to pay online with your phone. 

Please feel free to discuss these options with us if you have any questions.

When will my order be delivered?

Hyattville orders are available for pickup on Friday and Saturday at the ranch store, and Ten Sleep and Worland orders are available for pickup on Thursdays.

What do I do with my empty jars and lids?

We ask that all jars and lids be cleaned and brought back promptly (weekly if you are a regular customer or whenever the jar has been emptied for those who special order) for us to continually fill demand. We know jars have become somewhat of a desired item recently but the jars you receive your dairy in must be returned and used only for your dairy products.

When returning jars, please place them in the coolers marked Diamonds.  This ensures the best possible storage and least possibility of breaking.  If no coolers are available or they have been filled, jars can be. placed on an empty shelf in the refrigerator.

A note for all customers.

Your time and attention to the above helps us keep organized and you to get your dairy when you need it. We would love to hear from you, drop us a little note to let us know you read this and to order your dairy.

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